Maksim Surayev

Surayev was born 21 May 1972 in Chelyabinsk. Surayev graduated with honors from the Kacha Air Force Pilot School as pilot-engineer in 1994; graduated with honors from the Zhukovski Air Force Academy in 1997 as pilot-engineer-researcher. In 2007, he received a law degree from the Russian Academy of Civil Service. From December 1997 to November 1999, completed basic space training. In November 1999 he was qualified as a test-cosmonaut. From January 2000 he was in ISS advanced training. From March 2006 until April 2008 Surayev was assigned as a backup ISS Expedition 17 crew member. From April 2008 until March 2009 he was a member of the ISS Expedition 19 backup crew. In 2016, he was elected to the State Duma from the United Russia party and retired from the cosmonaut corps.

No. Mission Position Time Duration
1 Soyuz TMA-16 / ISS-21 / ISS-22 Commander / Flight Engineer 30.09.2009 - 18.03.2010 169d 04h 09m
2 Soyuz TMA-13M / ISS-40 / ISS-41 Commander / ISS-CDR 28.05.2014 - 10.11.2014 165d 08h 01m
Total 334d 12h 10m
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